Thursday, June 14, 2012

I'm a winner!

Though I do have an overinflated ego at times, I honestly am a winner.  Emily from Emily Bites notified me earlier this week that I was a winner of her Wholly Guacamole giveaway, and the goods arrived today!

I squealed.  Not gonna lie.
Check out this haul!  The avocado on the right is an
adorable squishy stress ball.

While I haven't "rocked the guac" just yet, I did crack open the Classic Medium Salsa to go with a Mexican egg scramble.

2 eggs, shredded taco cheese, chopped scallion.  Not pictured: Tater tots.
Dinner of champions.

I have a lot of salsa and guac to work through, so I'm opening the floor to you!  What should I make?  Suggest a recipe.  I'll make it, and I'll write about it.  Here are the options:

Many thanks to Emily and the Wholly Guacamole crew!  The next few weeks should be fun :)

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